In professional business life it is very important that the office is organized, telephone traffic, and how people receive it. Often the sounds saying "Hello" on the phone affects first impressions of the workplace. All the factors like voice tone, diction, listening and speaking style make an impact on people. Because it is not the only person the customers meet, it is the whole of the business. For almost every busines, the priority is efficiency in management and governance. To ensure efficiency, enterprises must have a system that is compatible with the identity of the institution  regardless of the field of activity. This system can only be established in businesses operated with professional business logic.

            "Office Services and Executive Assistance" is a field that has emerged to meet the qualified labor force needs of a rapidly growing, developing and changing business world. This field, which is increasingly valid and effective all over the world, has become an indispensable part of the business world. Professional management and administrative assistant professions have become even more prominent as the business administration management concept has changed. Apart from the classical secretarial concept, these jobs which have become contemporary professions play a key role in today's businesses. The manager's office is the top of the business management pyramid and the center of communication. In this important center, administrative assistants are in an important position. Office managers, secretaries and executive assistants are the indispensable staff who ensure the regular processing of the offices, organize communication and organize the manager's time. The systematic nature of the office environment is important not only for the managers but also for the people working in the business. On the other hand, in the modern business world, senior managers of companies need assistants who can organize communication inside and outside the company, control the flow of documents, organize meetings and travels, and in short, assist them in carrying out a lot of work. These assistants are "Executive Assistants". Administrative assistants have now become almost business partners and go beyond manager’s main squeeze.