The accounting profession has gained more importance and value due to the development and diversification of economic and commercial life parallel to globalization. Foreign partners of our firms have increased in parallel with the increase of liberalization  in Turkey since 1980's.

The increased foreign partnership of our companies and its having moved away from being family businesses have increased the importance of issues like  accountability, transparency, and so on. There is also a significant contribution of accountancy to investors' desire for risk reduction and making the right decision because of the development of capital markets. Accounting knowledge helps to resolve disputes between accounting firms and also helps companies to make long term plans. Accounting helps firms for budgeting. Having a high rate of unregistered in the economy raises the risk of the country ghetting behind in global competion. Today, it is absolutely necessary to have vocational training in order to use the technology which is an important factor  efficiently. Today, there is a need for fully trained, self-developed professionals in all production and service areas. In this respect, 'Accounting and Tax Applications' carries all the criteria of occupation. In fact, this area has developed to the level that contains the lower branches.


The curriculum prepared in line with the needs of the public and private sector is updated in course content according to the direction of today's business world. Our program admitted 40 students in the first year in Ahi Evran University, Kaman Vocational School, in 2009-2010 academic year. In the following academic year, the students were admitted to the second curriculum.