The aim of this program is to train both technicians who can work as a technical support staff in establishing and maintaining the computer systems of the enterprises and the programmers who specialize in forming basic software algorithms and developing software by using current software languages. Various career development opportunities have emerged in the field of computers with the transition to the information economy, In all sectors of our country, the demand for IT specialist is high and increasing. The rapid development in computer technology calls for the continuous improvement of the employees and the new entrants in the sector in relation to these new developments and technologies. 

The program is organized with the aim of gaining skills in areas such as system, software development and hardware as well as general information about the computer. There is a need for qualified personnel in all these areas in our country. Economic developments profoundly affect business life and introduce new methods called e-business and e-commerce. Firms require qualified information technology staff to carry their business and their trade to such electronic platforms and maintain their operation with these methods.


Those who successfully complete the program can make a vertical transition to computer engineering and computer degree programs if they are successful in the Vertical Transfer Exam conducted by OSYM. The students who will graduate from the program will be equipped with the knowledge and skills related to the use of technology in various contexts (such as Computer Hardware, Web Design, Graphics and Animation, Operating Systems, Internet Programming, Server Operating Systems, Data Base Management Systems) during the course of their 2 years of education. Students who graduate from aasociate degree Computer program will be able to get a title of "Computer Programmer". Program graduates can make their own initiatives; and also they can work in software, hardware, communication networks or maintenance services of public and privatev organiztions personnel needed as IT personnel.