According to the "Building Inspection Implementation Regulation" published in the Official Gazette dated 12.08.2001 and numbered 24491, under the guidance and administration of architects and engineers;buıilding inspector


-controls the regularity of the prepared projects, the accuracy of the details and accounts and the existence of the registry documents of the project owners. If it is missing,he will correct the mistakes.

-approves projects without missing and faulty.

- conducts supervisions like measurement, calculations, projects, etc. given to him by the engineer under the responsibility of the building supervisor.

- gives relievo, attachments, minutes, sections, projects etc. which are assigned and measured by him to the engineer to examine and sign the documents after he initials them.

-after the delivery of the site, carries out the necessary inspections during the construction of the foundation, approve the suitability of the transactions made by making the basic mold and iron reinforcement production control report and the basic concrete casting report.


- During the production of the bearing system section, after the concrete formwork, iron equipment and other necessary installations are checked, concrete casting is allowed under the supervision of the civil engineer.


They prepare a record for each concrete casting work to be carried out at the construction site.


- The lower part of the roof, filler walls, door and window casings and plumbing are completed and ready for filling and in the last section until the end of the work, the internal and external wall of  basement, ground floor, typical floor, clerestorey and broken roof are controlled.


Students graduated from the program graduates as individuals

-who are successfull in science, especially in mathematics and physics,

- who knows the laboratory applications at advanced level,

- who can see shape and space relations,

- whose drawing ability have improved,

- who solve problems with practical calculation,

- who can present their work,

- who can plan and implement a business,

- who are team-oriented,

- who earn business responsibility and business ethics .


The basic education in the Building Inspection Program is supported by the scientific and technological vocational training that are valid today and laboratory practices. Professional work is provided. The courses in the Construction Technology program are based on the necessary theoretical knowledge, experimental skills and abilities, and applications in traditional and modern technology. Students studying in this program have training according to current legislation and practices related to the construction sector. In the course of their training, they take responsibilityin laboratory, design, project modeling, calculation, inspection and control applications in order to be ready for this sector. Department laboratories have modern research equipment and equipment providing scientific support. Graduates can have the opportunity to find employment in the planning, design, application (construction site), production, inspection, control areas and research institute of the construction industry.