The construction industry is constantly in a dynamic development with its rapidly changing market and competition conditions. Special plans are made for this sector by the states. Particularly in this fast-globalizing sector, competition is intensifying and industrialized countries are implementing special policies to protect this sector and improve its competitiveness. In recent years, earthquakes that have taken place in our country and around the world have necessitated new plans to build buildings in accordance with better quality materials, workmanship and rules.

Applications made in the field of Construction Technology show a wide variety and variable structure. In line with industry growth, technological developments and industry investments, many sectors are engaged in construction, and some or all of their activities are carried out on structures designed for their specific purposes. 

The lack of adequate training in the field of construction technology causes unskilled members to work in the sector and this situation reduces quality in production. Also, multi-purpose structures must be of sufficient strength in terms of life and property security.

 The basic education in the Construction Technology Program is supported by the scientific and technological vocational training that are valid today and laboratory practices. Professional work is provided. The courses in the Construction Technology program are based on the necessary theoretical knowledge, experimental skills and abilities, and applications in traditional and modern technology. Students studying in this program have training according to current legislation and practices related to the construction sector. In the course of their training, they take responsibilityin laboratory, design, project modeling, calculation, inspection and control applications in order to be ready for this sector. Department laboratories have modern research equipment and equipment providing scientific support. Graduates can have the opportunity to find employment in the planning, design, application (construction site), production, inspection, control areas and research institute of the construction industry.

Students graduated from the program graduates as individuals

-who are successfull in science, especially in mathematics and physics, 
- who knows the laboratory applications at advanced level, 
- who can see shape and space relations, 
- whose drawing ability have improved,
- who solve problems with practical calculation,
 - who can present their work, 
- who can plan and implement a business,
 - who are team-oriented,
 - who earn business responsibility and business ethics .