Kaman Vocational High School started education as a part of Hacettepe Univeristy  in 1998-1999.

Food Technology, Construction, Marble and Drilling Programs related to the Department of Technical Programs were opened in the establishment stage and students were admitted to the Computer Technology and Programming Department within the scope of MEB-YÖK Vocational Schools Program Development Project since 2002-2003.

The school continued its teaching activities as a department of Gazi University  according to the protocol signed between Hacettepe University and Gazi University in 2003. It has come to its present condition with the establishment of Ahi Evran University in 2006. 

Kaman Vocational School has developed in a very short time and new departments has started education. Kaman Vocational School provides services with a total of 33 classrooms in Block A and Block B buildings on Hirfanlı Road. A total of 40 teaching staff, including those assigned to the rectorate, teach in our school. This number will increase even more at very near-time assignments.

Approximately 70 students in our country vocational schools are taught by a teaching staff, in our school about 55 students are taught by a teaching staff. This rate is also better than university degree programs. This is a sign of importance that we have placed on Kaman Vocational School, that is our students. Our Vocational College has provided education and traning services at two blocks as A and B blocks. There are a total of 5 PC Laboratories for computer class, 1 Digital Design Laboratory, 1 Training Set Laboratory, 1 Fiber Optic Communication Laboratory, 1 Card Assembly Room, 1 Renewable Energy Systems Laboratory, 1 Electric Laboratory, 1 machine and metal technology workshop, one natural stone mosaic workshop, one natural stone analysis laboratory, and  a laboratory in which there are water drilling machine equipments. 


A total of 20 pieces of PC laboratories consisting of 20 PCs for the B Blokta computer lessons, a Chemical Analysis Laboratory for Food Technology Program, a Microbiological Analysis Laboratory and a Food Processing Laboratory and a Technical Drawing Laboratory for use in the drawing lessons of the Construction Technology program There are a total of 6 laboratories, including the Concrete Laboratory.